Civilization On A Ventilator


…In this indeed we find the great object both of Plato’s and of Lord Bacon’s labours. They both saw that there could be no hope of any fruitful and secure method, while forms merely subjective were presumed as the true and proper moulds of objective truth. —Coleridge

Human beings are capable of building and planning within certain parameters. We’re good at isolated feats of engineering. We can build impossible objects in laboratories and workshops; the human capacity to create advanced tools borders on the miraculous.

What we can’t do very well is predict or control complex systems like biological systems or social systems (and this is probably a good thing). Consensus expert Covid policies, however, falsely infer that our capacity to create fabulously complex technology translates into an ability to manage fabulously complex, hierarchical interactions between viruses and people (and everything in-between). Essentially, ‘the experts’—aka the academics whose views align with hegemonic political imperatives—have imagined the world as a laboratory—a closed, predictable environment—when, in fact, the world is a chaos beyond our reckoning.


A lot of people—a growing number of people—are tired of the performative risk-aversion and just want to stop pretending that the fate of the world hinges on whether ‘that guy going for a run without a mask’ puts one on—or whatever.

Conversely, and unfortunately, there is a reason-resistant subgroup, which is actually increasingly absorbed by the 24/7—often virtual—virtue theater: a sub-group which just can’t let go of the delicious feeling of absolute moral superiority that their conformity to the (temporary and ad hoc) moral norm lends them.


At some point there will be a revision and a re-evaluation: the hysterics will be held accountable for the time, care, energy, goodwill (for the wasted vitality) that they have extracted from the rest of us. I think Covid hysterics implicitly sense this: that the great pendulum of history is swinging back in their direction. In a few years—if we’re lucky—we’ll wonder at how a few fanatical bureaucrats, aided by attention-thirsty journalists, managed to briefly seize reigns of power across the world.


we’ll be gobbling your meat, carnal century!


There is nothing more repulsive than financially-secure lockdown leftists firing off their righteous missives about social justice.


Lockdowners are modern Xerxes, whipping the sea which refuses to obey them.


The new, revised constitution: all power will be vested in government experts and assistant professors quoted by The New York Times.


Imagine if, in 1938, no one ever reported that Orsen Welles “War of the Worlds” was a work of fiction—that’s how the real-life version of “Contagion” we’re all cos-playing is beginning to feel.


Remember the countries who did it right?


A Blue Check fallacy: the virus spreads because people don’t believe it or take it seriously enough. This fallacy—this attitude—presumes (unbeknownst to itself) that the virus—a strand of RNA—is anthropomorphic: that it chooses its targets, that it delivers blows of Fate to the reckless. We infuse Covid-19 with intentionality, turning it into ‘The Virus.’